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Special Exhibition
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Ted Walsh, Connotation
Ted Walsh, Connotation, oil on canvas, 23 x 29 inches

“I believe paintings are objects which tell their own stories. I paint using many layers built up over time, and use each step in the process to produce meaning within the piece. Each painting is a catalog of connotations, and unified, if fleeting, layers of meaning. This act of instilling substance into pictures by way of process is central to how I make art.”

Ted Walsh


Gross McCleaf Gallery continues to comply with the mandated closures.  Sharon and Evan hope you are keeping safe and well and we promise to keep you posted as to when we can safely reopen. 


Ted Walsh’s, solo show, “Connotations” which was scheduled for April, will be presented at a later date – stay tuned!  In the meantime, we want to share with you images of Walsh’s beautiful new work.  As we all practice the new concepts of “social distancing” and rediscover the enjoyment of solitary activities, Walsh’s paintings seem particularly appropriate.  While he was making these paintings, Walsh was facing some personal family challenges and in his words, “These challenges paralleled and felt emotionally similar to themes I often depict in my painting; home/place, time, perseverance, history, architecture, disillusionment, environment…the list goes on.”  His response to these challenges resulted in paintings that depict calm and meditative moods depicted with a reassuring academic sense of composition and substance, something we can all benefit from now. 


Please enjoy Ted Walsh’s virtual exhibit.  Works are available for presale through Gross McCleaf Gallery.  You may reach Sharon Ewing at sharon.ewing (at)