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Joseph Lozano, Xedniw


Joseph Lozano
I'm New Here

December 5 - 28, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 5 - 7 pm

Joseph Lozano, Xedniw, Oil on Canavs laid on Board,
48 x 38 inches


This body of work is about perception - how we see the world accompanied by the screens on our walls, on our desks and in our pockets. It is about the cascade of images and information we are inundated with….The paintings relocate this digital narrative with the intention of interrogating nostalgia and western culture. The title of the show comes from a poem by songwriter Gil Scott-Heron that asks us to turn around, so that we can be new here again. – Joseph Lozano


Joseph Lozano has taken in the aesthetics of our current culture, broken them into pieces, and put them back together in a different order, creating a feeling of disorienting familiarity. Like a scent from the past that you cannot put your finger on, the pieces of the paintings create a nostalgia for past and present pop-culture imagery. Often, they flip the tropes that we are accustomed to seeing on TV, movies, and the internet through deconstruction and juxtaposition.


In the same way that many painters use methods learned from old masters, Lozano has taken tips from such places as 1980s sit-coms, internet memes, and recognizable brand names.  Realism peeks through in the fragments of these works, but Lozano’s use of high-intensity color and repetitive imagery pushes his work into a realm of fantasy.


Lozano is asking the viewers to step back from their smartphones and arrive anew in this age of florescent and distracted media; to consider the disjointed ways in which we are inundated with frenetic images from all sides.  The artist asks us to slow down and think about what we are viewing and how it is affecting us.


Joseph Lozano received his Certificate and Masters of Fine Arts degrees in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He was recently a fellow at Vermont Studio Center. This is his first solo exhibition with Gross McCleaf.


Winter Colors



Winter Colors:

Small Works by Gallery Artists

December 5 - 28, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 5 - 7 pm

Christine Lafuente, Peonies with Clock and Bottles,
Oil on Canvas, 12 x 12 inches, 2018