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Kurt Moyer, Apple Tree, August


Kurt Moyer

March 4 - 28, 2020
Opening Reception: Friday, March 6, 5 - 7 pm

Kurt Moyer, Apple Tree, August, Oil on canvas, 60 x 64 inches



Today I go into the forest looking for the kind of beauty that floods my senses.- Kurt Moyer


Kurt Moyer presents a selection of oil paintings exploring his primal and personal connection to the forest. The artist grew up near French Creek State Park, a woodland of over seven thousand acres. It was a special place that he explored and where he would let his mind wander. Years later, this connection with nature continues to be the focus in Moyer's painting. Spending time with the artist's work is akin to taking a leisurely walk through the woods. By slowing down and stopping in front of each painting, the viewer begins to notice what is normally overlooked - the space opens, depth emerges, and more is revealed. The canvases vibrate with the tension of the seen and sensed; the felt and the observed. When bathers appear in the paintings, they celebrate the connection between us and nature; a primal and perpetual connection which endures regardless of time or trend.


The canvases, some large, some modest in scale, are both immersive and receptive. Moyer creates inhabitable spaces and the energy of his brushwork reminds us of the flickering light of the sun as it finds its way through the dense forest canopy. At the same time, the viewer is aware of the artist's hand as the focus shifts between the image depicted and the beauty of the paint surface. Moyer states, "Working from full of opportunities and gifts. At some moments the spots of color can even seem to float in midair creating an all-over abstraction, or the light shifts to reveal a new pattern among the trees - everything contributing to the process of making a painting."


Kurt Moyer is from Southeastern Pennsylvania and a graduate of Kutztown University. He now resides in Rochester, NY. This is his fourth solo exhibition with Gross McCleaf Gallery where he has been showing his work since 2003.