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Summer Playlist

June 20 - September 20

Summer Playlist

June 20 - September 20

Summer Playlist

June 20 - September 20

Summer Playlist

June 20 - September 20

Summer Playlist

June 20 - September 20

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Gallery Summer Hours: by appointment June, July, August




Summer Playlist: Group Exhibition

Gross McCleaf Gallery invites you to experience the magic of summer with a group exhibition titled Summer Playlist. Curated like a finely tuned mixtape, this vibrant selection of works explores seasonal themes of celebration, relaxation, and engagement with nature.

From sunny, outdoor adventures to intimate backyard gatherings, summer is a state of mind. It’s about the hottest and brightest days, filled with the joys of simple pleasures: indulging in fresh garden produce, chasing fireflies at dusk, fishing in your favorite waters, or experiencing the culture of bustling festivals with friends. It’s about quiet, early morning reflections, making memories on the road, and feeling the thrill of a thunderstorm or a star-filled sky...

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Home - Gross McCleaf Gallery

We have moved!

We’re delighted to announce that Gross McCleaf Gallery has relocated to the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia, in The Mill Studios - just off Main Street at the Belmont exit from I-76.

This new location meets the moment in today’s shifting art market while benefiting GMG, our artists, and loyal clients. At its 3rd site in 55 years, Gross McCleaf will continue providing a comfortable, convenient setting to engage with your favorite art & artists and now includes free and easy parking!

Don't miss Gross McCleaf's summer group exhibition, Summer Playlist, on view by appointment from June 20th - September 20th.  

Fall 2024: Perky Edgerton: Oct 9 - Nov 9 and Ying Li: Nov 15 - Dec 21.

I am excited for Gross McCleaf's new phase and look forward to seeing you soon in our new location!

All the best,

Rebecca Segall, Director

Gross McCleaf Gallery


Wondering if a painting is the right fit for your space?

We can help by virtually installing any of our available artworks into your home or office. Our complimentary service allows you to experiment with a variety of sizes & styles, giving you an immediate sense of what works best for your unique taste.

Let us make your art selection process both easy & fun!


Home - Gross McCleaf Gallery

Bethann Parker's Studio

Rebellious Care: Conversation with Bethann Parker

Elizabeth Johnson: You told me, that you grew up in a house filled with Folk, Quaker, and Shaker art, and that your mother made wool embroidery pieces. It's clear looking at your work that you push paint to be thick, more sculptural, and thus more palpably real and present, but you also work in the thinnest stains and washes. You make your own art materials: rabbit and venison skin glue, walnut ink, and charcoal. You mix your own pigments, sometimes you use marble dust. Is rabbit skin glue a sufficient archival protection for linen? Is being self-sufficient and experimental through making materials part of your rebellion?

Bethann Parker: It’s an expression. Rebellious acts are expressions of care. Naturally, it pushes against consumerism, but it also binds one closer to land and self-preservation. Making these mediums is an intimate act, a personal alchemy, making me sensitive to them in their raw states and interactions

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