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Kurt Moyer


September 7 - October 7

Clint Jukkala

Tuning In

September 7 - October 7

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The Meadow And The Trout Stream, 36" x 30", Oil On Canvas

Kurt Moyer: Impressions

Gross McCleaf is delighted to present Impressions, the newest body of work by artist Kurt Moyer. Moyer’s paintings range in size from twelve to one hundred and eighty inches, showcasing an enchanting array of vertical patterns and spotted colors that gracefully dance and play across canvases. Without illustrative depictions, Moyer manifests visions of Arcadia’s rapturous glowing light, blanketing a viewer’s field with dreamy abstractions.

Moyer’s paintings blink into view, as if one were waking from a summer afternoon nap. Each work possesses a distinct palette and composition, with some providing glimpses into an intimate, lush world, while mural-sized canvases open planes and pathways that one could step into. Although detailed imagery is not plainly discernable, allusions to the natural world emerge. Pinks and peaches radiate around the edges of Magnolia And Vegetable, while light blues recede into the distance. Pond features subtly diagonal purples and browns spilling over a plane with lighter yellow-orange and blues, suggesting reflections of light from above.

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Koan I, 10" x 8", Oil, Acrylic And Fabric On Canvas

Clint Jukkala: Tuning In

Gross McCleaf Gallery is delighted to present a series of new paintings by Clint Jukkala in Tuning In. A longtime friend of the gallery, Jukkala previously participated in the 2018 group exhibition Looks alongside Aubrey Levinthal, Susan Moore, and Ashley Wick. While Jukkala has had an extensive exhibition record across the region, Tuning In marks his first solo exhibition with GMG.

In conjunction with his formal painting practice, Jukkala questions the source of subjective experience, the inherent contradictions within perception, and theories of consciousness. His work intertwines these interests in both process and presentation, providing viewers with rich surfaces of luscious colors, layered textures, and playful spatial incongruities. Tuning In encompasses a collection of 30 collaged paintings divided into three interconnected parts of Jukkala’s practice: small paintings showcasing a diversity of painted shapes and pictorial interpretations, medium-sized works featuring rounded head-like forms, and a variety of planar geometric abstractions. Despite their variations, the artworks share a similar style, hand, and humor, all while pursuing a visual exploration with philosophical underpinnings. His works are equal parts structure and intuition.

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Clint Jukkala's Studio

Read an excerpt from Clint Jukkala's interview Art Sync: Ambiguities:

Elizabeth Johnson: As I scroll through your portfolio that begins in 2005, I notice evolution through the styles of: digital notation, architectural windows, split-screen windows, round pairs of portals, portals presenting deeper space, portals juxtaposing contrasting surfaces, and, most recently, collaged paintings in mixed media...Does your development express a gradual change in your personal consciousness? Does the arc of change in your work feel chance-based to you?

Clint Jukkala: Clint Jukkala: My work has changed over the years, though many aspects have stayed constant: an impulse towards images that suggest things but aren’t descriptive, a preoccupation with framing devices and spaces within spaces, an interest in the numerous possibilities of color, and a focus on simple and direct means. Other developments reflect a marked change, like the loosening of systems, and an embrace of varying materials and surfaces. The changes come from following a line of inquiry and seeing where it goes...

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Watch our YouTube debut! Artist Talk with Lauren Whearty | Gross McCleaf Gallery

In this video, go behind the scenes with artist Lauren Whearty at Gross McCleaf Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery based in Center City, Philadelphia. In this artist interview, Whearty discusses the inspiration and making of her first solo exhibition of still life paintings, titled “Painter’s Table”. Meet fellow artist and the Assistant Director of Gross McCleaf Gallery, Morgan Hobbs, whose interviews with prominent Philadelphia-based artists share invaluable insights into their creative practices.

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Bruce Pollock featured in John Thornton's Bruce Pollock, Painting the Code and Spirit of Nature

"Bruce Pollock has a new solo show at Gross McCleaf called 'Nature'. His paintings range from quite realistic to apparently abstract, but, there is an animating principle behind all his work regardless of subject."

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