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Nicole Parker, E Train, 24" x 30", Oil On Linen-Mounted Panel

Nicole Parker


February 2021

Martha Armstrong, Start Of Fall, Oil On Canvas

Martha Armstrong

New Works

February 2021

Fly point rock 3, 15.5" x 11" Douglas Martenson

Douglas Martenson

From The Inside Out

March 2021

Max Mason, Rosy Fingers, Oil On Canvas

Max Mason

April 2021

Cherries, Roses and Pears, Oil On Linen, Christine Lafuente

Christine Lafuente

April 2021

Natasha Das, Untitled Green, Thread And Oil On Canvas

Natasha Das

May 2021

Roses On The Green Cabinet, Giovanni Casadei

Giovanni Casadei

May 2021

While At Home, Claire Kincade, Oil On Canvas

Claire Kincade

June 2021

Joseph Lozano, Holding Cats, Oil On Canvas
Joseph Lozano
I'm New Here December 2018
Mickayel Thurin, Double Portrait, Acrylic On Canvas
Mickayel Thurin
Kindred Spirits November 2018
Leigh Werrell, Oil On Canvas
Leigh Werrell
Out of Place September 2018
Group Show, Gross McCleaf Gallery
Clint Jukkala, Aubrey Levinthal, Susan Moore, & Ashley Wick September 2018
Martha Armstrong, Fall, Oil On Canvas
Martha Armstrong
Landscapes Vermont - Arizona - Italy - Ireland April 2018
Christine Lafuente, Flowers, Oil On Canvas
Christine Lafuente
Musings on the Seen March 2018
Jeffrey Reed, Ireland, Oil On Canvas
Jeffrey Reed
Paintings & Drawings February 2018
Susan Lichtman, Oil On Canvas
Susan Lichtman
Partly Sunny January 2018