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Joseph Lozano, Holding Cats, Oil On Canvas
Joseph Lozano
I'm New Here December 2018
Mickayel Thurin, Double Portrait, Acrylic On Canvas
Mickayel Thurin
Kindred Spirits November 2018
Leigh Werrell, Oil On Canvas
Leigh Werrell
Out of Place September 2018
Group Show, Gross McCleaf Gallery
Clint Jukkala, Aubrey Levinthal, Susan Moore, & Ashley Wick September 2018
Martha Armstrong, Fall, Oil On Canvas
Martha Armstrong
Landscapes Vermont - Arizona - Italy - Ireland April 2018
Christine Lafuente, Flowers, Oil On Canvas
Christine Lafuente
Musings on the Seen March 2018
Jeffrey Reed, Ireland, Oil On Canvas
Jeffrey Reed
Paintings & Drawings February 2018
Susan Lichtman, Oil On Canvas
Susan Lichtman
Partly Sunny January 2018
Dale O. Roberts, Brick Wall, Encaustic
Dale O. Roberts
Visual Journey December 2017
Ying Li, Sojourn, Oil On Panel
Ying Li
Sojourn November 2017
People Places Things, Group Show, Gross McCleaf Gallery
People, Places, Things
Perky Edgerton, Elizabeth Geiger, Kurt Moyer, Scott Noel, & Thomas Paquette October 2017
Douglas Martenson, Transience, Oil On Canvas
Douglas Martenson
Transience October 2017
Losing Its Name, Group Show, Gross McCleaf
Losing Its Name
Rebekah Callaghan, Matthew Colaizzo, & Carol Heft September 2017
Painted Paint Painting, Group Show, Gross McCleaf
Painted - Paint - Painting
A Group Exhibition July & August 2017
Solid And Real Things, Group Show, Gross McCleaf Gallery
Solid and Real Things
Evan Fugazzi, Hollis Heichemer, Eric Huckabee, Drew Kohler, Ying Li, Benjamin Passione, & Val Rossman June 2017
Celia Reisman
Celia Reisman
A Moment Noticed May 2017
Giovanni Casadei
Giovanni Casadei
Moments of Light April 2017
Val Rossman, Explosive Growth, 48 x 48, Acrylic on Aluminum
Val Rossman
Making A Mark March 2017
Eileen Goodman
Eileen Goodman
Illusion/Allusion March 2017
Ted Walsh
Ted Walsh
Water from a Hole in the Ground February 2017
Planted a Thought
Planted a Thought
Julia Clift, Mark Green, Joseph Lozano & Justin Webb January 2017
Sterling Shaw
Ken Kewley, Brian Kreydatus, Sterling Shaw & Michayel Thurin December 2016
Leigh Werrell
Leigh Werrell
Blind Spot November 2016
Joan Becker, Watch, Watercolor
Joan Becker
Inside Out November 2016
Max Mason
Max Mason
Still/Motion October 2016
Elaine Lisle, Sledding with a View
Elaine Lisle
Fall in Philadelphia September 2016
Benjamin Passione, Watching the Geese Turn South
Drew Kohler & Benjamin Passione September 2016
Near & Far
Near & Far
Landscape Paintings June - August 2016
Larry Francis, Night Still Life, Oil On Canvas
Larry Francis
Daylight Harmony June 2016
Val Rossman, Wishing For Golden Aspens, 10" x 10"
On Paper
Martha Armstrong, Mariel Capanna, Ying Li, Bettina Nelson & Val Rossman June 2016